McDoula Certified Doulas

  • Below is a list of doulas who are either currently working towards certification status, or have completed their certification requirements (noted by the MCD credential), their contact information and their location. They have all fulfilled the requirements of "McDoula Labor Support Professional," by completing the 12-hour, very comprehensive Doula Skills Workshop and are all actively involved in a professional mentorship and regular peer review. They each have different levels of experience, fee schedules and travel radiuses so call a few and find the one that best fits your needs. I am very excited about this beautiful group of doulas (and one "doulo," an awesome young man), and you would be blessed to have any of them serve you during your birthing time!

  • Elizabeth Ferrara, MCD: 615-484-5865 (Spring Hill)

    Lillie Whitehead, MCD: 615-870-9096 (Nashville)

    Leandra Torres, MCD: 859-630-8263 (Clarksville)

    Amanda Leigh Dier, MCD: 615-498-0688 (Clarksville)

    Elizabeth Broadaway, MCD: 219-798-6702 (Gallatin)

    Keyna Hart, PTA, MCD: 615-838-0901 (Greenbrier)

    Wendy Woodard, MCD: 615-293-8522 (Hendersonville)

    Heather Horst, MCD: 615-881-3940 (Nashville)

    Jacquelyn Ziemba: 309-265-1709 (Brentwood)

    Julia Green: 615-489-2232 (Carthage)

    Jackie Rowe: 865-696-0919 (Dickson)

    Betsy Church: 931-220-0136 (Clarksville)

    Keilee Hobgood: 615-415-5475 (Franklin)

    Melissa Hazlip: (Franklin)

    Christina Rivera: 614-467-7555 (Franklin)

    Kaytlin Gregory, RN: 615-948-4971 (Gallatin)

    Helen Gann: 615-612-8678 (Gallatin)

    Laura Gregory: 615-519-9840 (Gallatin)

    Stacey McCullough: 615-870-2766 (Gallatin)

    Joy Mehorczyk, PTA: 615-406-5869 (Gallatin)

    Shana Wirt: 615-719-3400 (Gallatin)

    Holly Randgaard: 615-772-1812 (Gallatin)

    Amy Walter-Smith, CLC: 615-496-4120 (Greenbrier)

    Valerie Butler: 615-308-1640 (Hartsville)

    Kim Walker: 615-618-0842 (Hendersonville)

    Natalie Chunn: 615-429-1898 (Hendersonville)

    Beth Wehmeyer: 615-294-7322 (Hermitage)

    Lacey Ausburn: 865-356-7866 (Hermitage)

    Lauren Durbin: 615-426-7343 (Hermitage)

    Sonja Franks: 615-498-6445 (Hermitage)

    Asha Carr: 513-293-7309 (Hermitage)

    Janell Moore: 865-773-5913 (Knoxville)

    Amanda Gilliland: 615-636-1707 (Lavergne)

    Moriah Dawne Williams: 629-203-9118 (Macon County)

    Jessica Haley: 931-267-5844 (Mt Juliet)

    Kalimana Film Stories: 615-663-5971 (Murfreesboro)

    Emily Schultz: 615-739-0958 (Murfreesboro)

    Sarah Loudermilk Perry: 931-492-0968 (Murfreesboro)

    Erica Montgomery: 615-904-4080 (Murfreesboro)

    Elisheva Smith: 615-962-3032 (Murfreesboro)

    Ashley Chapman: 615-598-6986 (Nashville)

    Chloe Schafer: 615-582-3740 (Nashville)

    Emily D'Andrea: 520-390-8978 (Nashville)

    Jacci Mason: 615-278-6914 (Nashville)

    Liz Whipple: 615-545-6460 (Nashville)

    Pamela Stewart: 615-947-7069 (Nashville)

    Miranda Burr: 304-516-1590 Nashvillee)

    Sommer Joy Harpole: 615-887-8445 Nashvillee)

    Reba Minenna: 615-713-7622 (Nashville)

    Lacey Keely: 810-624-1970 (Nashville)

    Kayla Yelle: (Nashville)

    Samantha Kirby: 615-489-6907 (Nashville)

    Stephanie Williams: 783-383-4560 (Old Hickory)

    Maite Aponte-King, RN: 865-806-1812 (Springfield)

  • Other Resources

  • Roots Childbirth
  • Roots Childbirth: Getting back to our Roots…

    Roots Childbrith offers families the opportunity to prepare for their birth in a comprehensive way utilizing the Fruits of the Spirit as the vehicle for revelation and understanding. As a believer and a lover of all life, I am excited to present this curriculum to you and would love the chance to show you how very much God cares and holds dear every aspect of your pregnancy and upcoming delivery. Just as He has planned every complex detail of the sparrow’s birth, as be breaks free from his shell, taking his first breath and step and embracing a new world… Or the young seedling, with it’s tender roots holding the plan in place, pushing past it’s hard outer layer, opening to the sun above, stretching high and wide to become a beautiful blanket of Lillies… laura and baby charlotteGod has also planned the details of your child’s birth with as much care and attention. You, my friend, are more valuable to Him than many sparrows and the plan He has for you, is beyond fantastic; it is perfect. Every detail, every aspect has been designed by the master designer and this beautiful season of preparation is the perfect time to embrace it and claim it for your own. I pray that you will be covered with peace and understanding throughout this process and I am humbled to have the opportunity to serve and teach you on your journey.

    Besides offering a comprehensive childbirth curriculum, as a Roots student you will also be given the opportunity to share within our community and learn about other natural, sustainable ways to feed your body and soul. You will have access to all of my favorite resources and experts that can help you organize and piece together the best you possible. As a new family, growing from the ground up, I would love to show you how to incorporate all the things you will learn in class into your everyday life. From the way you nourish your family (body and mind), to parenting options, to how you celebrate your marriage and experience other relationships in your life, each step of the way is an opportunity for purpose and sustainability. I believe that childbirth can be the foundation for all of that; for a deep and beautiful understanding of the human spirit. Join us in our effort to create strong families, who are working together to make strong communities. Making purposeful and intentional choices during your pregnancy is the first step. I’m excited for you to walk with us on this amazing journey. Regardless of where or how you choose to birth, you can do it with intent and purpose; you can own your birth! I would love to show how and I would love to have you alongside us as we explore all of these possibilities and opportunities together… We can do better, and we are worth it. I would love to help you have a real, natural and sustainable life, smack dab in the middle of this processed world.

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