Macey's Birth Story

Monday, June 15th, 2009- 9 days over due

Before lunch I began to have major pains in the cyst on my right side (I had been dealing with pain in and out all pregnancy, but not like this). I was very scared and laid down for most of the day in pain. It was a very different pain than before and made me think that something may be happening. At 4pm I had my first contraction. Although a light contraction it was very different from a Braxton Hicks and I really thought it could be time. We walked around the neighborhood, where neighbors were literally laughing because I was HUGE and had been walking everyday. Different neighbors kept yelling “geez we thought you would have a stroller by now”. The contractions continued at 20 minutes apart until about 6:30pm where they were becoming between 15-20 minutes apart, so Matt and I began documenting them. I called our Doula, Gaylea and she recommended we chart them like we were doing, get some sleep, and call her if they became 10 min. apart. Well, sleeping was very hard to do and I definitely had a “nesting” spell. I was in pain so I made Matt vacuum. While he was vacuuming, I began cleaning like a maniac. We realized once we got home that I even took Clorox wipes and wiped down every tiny crevice of the washer and dryer. J Finally, at about 9pm we decided to try to lie down. This was very hard for me. By 10pm there was now no way for me to lay down. My contractions were 8-10 min. apart and I was in pain. At 12, I called Gaylea and she began her journey to our home (30-40 miles always). When she arrived we had turned all the lights down in our home, had candles going, with relaxing music. My contractions were 3-4 minutes apart and getting stronger. We labored at home until 4:30am with Gaylea. I was very comfortable at home, but we thought that I at least should be at 4-5 cm by now and needed to go. Back labor had begun to set in- Yippy! Besides, the car ride was going to be a huge obstacle with my pain… so it was time to go.

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009- 10 days over due

We arrived at the hospital at around 5am. My contractions were 3 min apart and still strong. I was ready to be told that I was well on my way after already 12 hours of contractions. We got in our room they hooked me up to the monitor. Macey’s heartbeat was great and I could feel her moving around a lot. My contractions were strong on the monitor and we were excited to hear where we were. The nurse checked me: I was 100% effaced and 1cm…. WHAT…. 1cm??? I was devastated, mind you- I had not been dilated or effaced the entire pregnancy…nothing! All that time and all the contractions were doing were helping me efface!!! Moral of the story: I have a rock hard cervix!! Anyway, I tried my best to keep my head up and continue with my breathing and all the strategies that were working best. The nurse was a great nurse and really supported my decision for a natural labor. She never asked me if I wanted any pain medicine and was very supportive of all of us. She had to monitor me at this time every hour for 15 mins. And I hated the monitor, because I had to be on my back (all fours was so natural and comfortable to me and the only way I could push through the contractions). So she managed to get all the monitors around me every time while on my hands and knees, even when it came time to monitor continuously. She was an angel.

6:30am- 1.5cm, -1station. 8:50am- 3.5cm- not bad-still had time between contractions to have a cherry popsicle- YUM (I said it was my favorite part of the day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner)! 10:30am-5cm. 5cm is when the back labor became excruciating. The doctor came in checked me and said that my water was probably not going to break on it’s own and if it did it was going to extend the labor and be awhile from now. So, she asked if I wanted her to break it for me. It took me awhile to decide, but with the history of my mother’s labors and the signs of how mine was going I decided, yes break it. So she did, and WoW… the fun began! The contractions became VERY strong after this.

At 12:00 I was finally 6-7cm and my contractions were 1 min. apart. Ok- yes at this point I definitely yelled out a couple of times “I can’t do this”, but kept pushing and quickly let the epidural slip my mind. I truly did not want a needle in my spine for one reason, among many others. At this point (getting truthful and real here) I was seriously a primal animal. Making any noise that took away the pain. Matt called me Tarzan at some points. J Hey, whatever got me through it! Matt quickly learned at this point to quit asking me questions and just do things. He fed me ice in my mouth like a bird. Gaylea was my masseuse and savor!

By 1:30pm I reached 8cm- here we go…. No time in between contractions and boy were they strong!! Guess what- at 3pm I was still 8cm- WHAT?? Devastated again! Macey had turned transverse (hence the back labor). So, I had to change positions many times to try to move her- this was not fun… I was very happy where I was. I had to stand and squat with each contraction as well as try to sit. This was excruciating, but I did it. We did this for about 30min. and then there were whispers in the room. I could hear them all around me and knew something was going on, but did not have the energy to ask. Finally, Gaylea said, “Mandy, I don’t want to alarm you, but we have to leave this room due to some things going on outside”. Ok- I’m totally out of it and seriously think she means there is a gunman out there or something. So, I looked at her and said “Gaylea, just tell me what is going on, please”. She hesitated but let me know that there were tornado warnings in the area and we had to evacuate the room because it had three large windows in it. Honestly, I was so ready to push; I didn’t care and just wanted to be DONE. The tornados did not worry me, getting in a wheelchair and moving rooms did. For one they already hit us a couple months ago, can’t happen twice right. At this point they checked me before we left to make sure I was ok and I had hit 9.5cm- hence I was very ready to begin pushing, but had to hold the urge (wow- do they really have to tell you this). So, I had to get in a wheelchair, go down the hall while having contractions and wanting to push, go to a new room and climb in another bed. NOT FUN AT ALL, but a funny memory now. (Gaylea, Matt and I were together during the M’boro tornados and almost every time we met other than that there were storms, so it was ironic to say the least).

In our new room at 4pm and I was ready to push and this stage felt great compared to the last 22 hours! The nurse informed me that the Doctor was in lock-down at her office due to the tornados and would probably not be delivering our child. I didn’t care at this point if the nurse delivered Macey. Pushing took 1.5 hours and I had the most supportive group of people still around me, one being my amazing husband. I wanted his words now! They coached me and pushed me along with so much positive energy that I needed to get through it. After 24 hours of contractions, no sleep, and no food, I was like Jell-O. I could barely push much less feel my legs. They really wanted me to look at the head crowning in the mirror but I did not like the idea. They set it up; I saw a little and said, “That’s disgusting”. I hate that is how I felt, but at this point I think that I forgot what all the work was really for (it was an out of body experience at this point). The doctor entered the room around 5pm and I wish I could say she was just as positive and proud of me, but it didn’t matter, I was about to meet my baby girl.

The last push: amazing! I pushed with all that I have ever had in me and when that head came out I could not believe it, I had no more energy to help with the shoulders, but did all that I could do. The doctor immediately put Macey in my arms (per our birth plan) and I could not believe what I was seeing. The first words out of my mouth were “this is mine?” Then, all I had to do was take one look at Matt and I realized…this is “our” child. We wept with joy and held onto our little family with so much love. Love I never knew existed. This moment I would truly relive over and over again forever. The doctor allowed us to hold onto Macey for the remainder of my stitches (about 1.5 hours) before she was even weighed. She breast fed right away and spent the most amazing time with her mommy and daddy. It was pure joy. Our poor family was in the waiting room, not even knowing she had been born. We were in our own little special world. They had waited 12 hours in the waiting room; Nana, Papa, Knonee, Grandpa, Uncle Cory, Uncle Dusty, Aunt Amber and Nevaeh. Eventually, Matt went out to spread the good news and all came in to see us. After another hour of visiting it was time for Macey and Dad to go to the nursery for all the ‘procedures’. Daddy stayed with her the entire time. Not one procedure was done without him there, while mommy ate a huge McDonalds meal!! YUM! I was famished.

Macey weighed in at 8.6lbs and was 20.5 inches long (we were thrilled, after expecting a 10 lb baby and all). Oh and she was 9.9 on the Apgar! Although the labor was long and hard, it was all that we had intended it to be. No medications and no induction. Macey came into this world just as God intended, with his hand picked birthday. We were very fortunate not to have any medical issues to keep us from our birth plan and thank God everyday for her safe and healthy arrival. We have our Doula, Gaylea to thank for it all. She was not only our support but also our friend. She worked just as hard as I did, right by my side. Our nurse was also a support. I also have to thank my husband. What was important to me during the pregnancy and labor automatically became important to him. He was more supportive than I could have ever expected.

Happy Birthday Macey! We love you with more love than we thought our hearts could hold!!