Because she knows what an asset a professional doula can be at a birth and also understands the unique lifestyle demands and responsibilities of this profession, in 2014 Gaylea felt called to start an organization that not only certifies doulas but also provides mentorship, resources and celebrates the various skill sets and backgrounds that make up each individual; helping them utilize their talents to best serve their clients and communities. After shifting her professional role away from being a doula (a role she served in for almost a decade) and into the role of midwifery, she is now eager to have the opportunity through McDoula to train and equip new doulas with the skills and tools they need to be responsible, safe and successful.

McDoula is a unique certification program in that it not only trains you with the skills you need to serve your laboring clients, but also eqips you with the resources and networking that are vital in starting your doula practice. McDoula is also the only program that requires Evidence Based Birth (R) classes as part of the requirements so that our doulas stay up to date on the latest evidence. We also provide one-on-one mentorship and regular peer review opportunities throughout the certification process. Join our amazing McDoula group today and get started on this exciting new journey!